Stunt Actor – Diet Coke’s “Credit” Commercial

Brady played the stunt double of a James Bond type agent for a Diet Coke commercial that debuted during the 2013 Oscars.

He jumped off of a 40’ cliff and landed on a 2′ thick port-a-pit catcher mat at the bottom. He achieved the stunt by using a piece of specialty stunt equipment called a gold-tail descender to slow him down.

Stunt Actor – MasterCard “Titles” Commercial

Brady was the hero bike rider on the MasterCard National Commercial Campaign called letters. For this stunt, Brady was riding a stunt wire and a mountain bike. Brady hit a 20’ jump on the mountain bike, but as he came down he crashed into the Master Card letters and got stuck.

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Justin Timberlake Stunt Double – Pepsi Superbowl Commercial

Brady Romberg has doubled Justin Timberlake several times as a stunt man. But his first gig with Justin was when he worked with him on Pepsi’s National Commercial Campaign that debuted during the 2008 NFL Superbowl World Championship.

In the commercial, every time a girl sucks her Pepsi through a straw, Justin is jerked through space by an invisible force, out of his favorite restaurant in NY, across the country and eventually into her back yard in LA.

The commercial took 2.5 weeks to film

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Stuntman – Chuck (2007)

Brady Romberg worked as a stunt double on the TV show, Chuck.

His character reaches for Chuck, slips on some marbles which are scattered on the floor, and falls out of a window to his death. Chuck tried to save the character, but dropped him, marking the first time Chuck “killed” anyone. The stunt exterior was done by using greenscreen on closed sound stages (studio sets) to simulate the sky-scraper exterior.