Stunt Actor – Diet Coke’s “Credit” Commercial

Brady played the stunt double of a James Bond type agent for a Diet Coke commercial that debuted during the 2013 Oscars.

He jumped off of a 40’ cliff and landed on a 2′ thick port-a-pit catcher mat at the bottom. He achieved the stunt by using a piece of specialty stunt equipment called a gold-tail descender to slow him down.

Stuntman – 24 (2001)

Brady worked on FOX’s hit TV Action show, 24, working closely with star Kiefer Sutherland to create his stunt. For this job, Brady doubled and actor who was killed by Kiefer when he got knocked over backwards over a railing and fell 6 stories to his death. For the actual stunt, Brady went over the  2nd floor railing into a “catcher” made of boxes. The stunt was then stretched out by taking a dummy to the 6th floor and dropping it all the way down to the catcher below.

Stuntman – Castle (2009)

Brady has been one of Castle’s favorite stuntmen over its successful 6 seasons, appearing at least once almost every year the show has come out. Brady was hired to perform the first 2 on camera deaths for the show.

– Brady played Caleb Shimansky (the bike messenger in an episode where he gets hit and killed by car while on his way to deliver a package). – Brady also doubled several characters, one time getting shot in the chest and falling backwards off a 5′ high ledge

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