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There is no Oscar for stunts. Why?

Outside the small group of professionals who spend our lives on set making movies, no one understands stunts. Billions of people watch the end product of what stunt coordinators and stunt performers create. They see our stunts in TV Shows, Video Games and Movies and when they take the time to think about us they assume we are wreckless dardevils who put our lives and bodies at risk every time we go to work.

There are plenty of cray stunt people out there, but no stunt professional can afford to be wre3ckless with our bodies or our lives. If we get hurt, we can’t work. If we die, we will never see our children or families again.

Stunt people are filmmakers. We are directors and actors who tell stories about charars that are confronted with danger. Our characters risk their lives and often die, but its just a movie people! When the 1st AD says, “That’s a wrap.” we go home to our familes and look forward to another day of work.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Science is dedicated to recognizing and preserving the many crafts of filmmaking. For 90 years they have overlooked stunt craft as deserving recognition or preservation. Is this because the Academy perceivies stunts the same as the billions of movie fans who believe we are wreckless daredevils?

I created Action Academy to change the way the world perceives stunts and I pray the academy will join the world and learn to appreciate stunt craft.

Action Academy Founder,
Brady Romberg